Erin Andrews’ Royal Aspirations: My Style Is “Very Kate Middleton”

Erin Andrews channels Kate Middleton

Erin Andrews channels Kate Middleton

Erin Andrews has a definite style icon in mind when she hits the sidelines.

Talking to USA Today, the Fox Sports reporter revealed that she and her stylist have settled on a “preppy…very Kate Middleton look” when it comes to getting her dressed for game time.

“Men are watching me,” Andrews, 35, explained. “I have to be careful that it’s not too provocative, not too sexy, but also something a typical sports fan can relate to. If it’s too high fashion, my demographic won’t get that.”

Well, considering no one rocks skinny jeans, boots, winter coats and hats like the Duchess of Cambridge, we don’t blame the blond beauty and stylist Lee Harris from aiming royally high.

And apparently their fashionable M.O. is working out so well, men are now asking Andrews where she got her clothes!

“I want to be comfortable,” she added. “Tory Burch has these awesome riding boots and they hit you right below the knee and they’re flat. I wore those all throughout the World Series…Even the baseball players and coaches, they’d be like, ‘Nice boots!'”

Andrews told the paper that she digs Citizens of Humanity jeans, “really cute sweaters” from J. Crew and an equestrian-style Ralph Lauren blazer with elbow patches that she recently acquired.

Also like Prince William’s wife (and British fashionistas in general), Andrews loves wearing hats—though they’re also essential when she’s doing on-field interviews in the dead of winter. rs_634x1024-131119152508-634.erin-andrews-kate-middleton-style-111913

“It doesn’t matter how messed up your hair gets,” she said. “I think the most important thing for me, I don’t like to be cold. Those are long days in your seat and outside tailgating. I don’t want to be cold at all.”

But what we’d really like to know is, do she and Kate also share the same approach when it comes to keeping warm everywhere else?

“Thermal underwear is my favorite,” Andrews revealed. “I can throw them on under skinny jeans. A lot of the thermal underwear out there is very close to your body. I’m big into layers.”

Kate Middleton Topless Scandal: Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good Celebrities When They Sunbathe?

 Britain's Prince William and his wife Kate smile to the public during a walk through a central city park in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Britain’s Prince William and his wife Kate smile to the public during a walk through a central city park in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Before there was Kate Middleton, there was Sarah Ferguson, and Jennifer Aniston, and the A-list goes on and on.

So, why do so many celebrity photo scandals involve sunbathing?

Wild guess: Because sunbathing involves nudity?

Technically, of course, it doesn’t have to. Per Merriam-Webster, sunbathing is defined as the act of exposing oneself to sunlight—there’s nothing that says a sunbather must be nude, and, indeed, most people keep their tops and bottoms on. (Or at least they say they do.) Only 2 percent of Americans and 2 percent of Middleton’s British subjects show off their homemade bodysuits on beach, according to a recent survey.

The relative novelty of the act combined with the power of celebrity make the nude sunbathing celebrity an irresistible draw for the paparazzi.


“There is a goofiness surrounding celebrities,” says Bob Morton, ” that creates its own justification for bursting the bubble of privacy…These photographers are not respecting it, period.”

Morton is steeped in privacy concerns as chairman of the Naturist Action Committee, a nudist-rights group.

Outside of sweeping the seas and lands where celebrities congregate of all photographers (an impossible scenario), Morton sees one surefire solution.

“Ultimately, if this [nudity] weren’t such a big deal, it wouldn’t be a big deal for celebrities,” he says.

“If people would accept bodies for what they are, if body acceptance was more pervasive, then there would less fascination with the dangly bits.”

Some day, Prince Harry, maybe some day.

SOURCE: E! Online

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Kate Middleton vs. Pippa Middleton — Fashion Faceoff

Kate Middleton, 30, made the blue wrap dress she wore during her official engagement announcement with Prince William in November 2010 instantly iconic. Style-savvy shoppers snapped it up so fast that it sold out in less than 24 hours, and the dress was replicated for the Duchess of Cambridge’s wax figure at Madame Tussaud’s wax museum in London. So it was quickly recognized when Kate’s younger sister, Pippa, 28, stepped out in a different shade of the same Issa “Forever” dress last week, just a year and a half after Kate made it famous. Pippa’s been known to upstage the competition, and this was certainly a smart way to steal the spotlight! But did she don the dress as well as her sister? Sounds like this all-Middleton edition of our style showdown is on!

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton (Samir Hussein/Getty Images)

Pippa Middleton

Pippa Middleton (

Big sis Kate debuted a royal blue version of the dress (appropriate, no?) with black heels and minimal jewelry, which of course included her engagement ring, an 18-karat oval sapphire surrounded by diamonds that was selected by the late Princess Diana for her wedding to Prince Charles. The sparkler cost $60,000 in 1981. The frock played up Kate’s fit physique, which, as was recently reported by British magazine Now, she maintains with an hour-long workout every morning using only a gym ball and dumbbells, and no personal trainer.

Pippa, whose own figure inspired a “butt lift” craze following the royal wedding in April 2011, wore the raspberry version of the dress for last weekend’s nuptials of her friend Camilla Hook to Sam Holland, the grandson of Lord Richard Attenborough, in Scotland. She also donned a rosebud fascinator, a black handbag, and black pumps as she reportedly read the lyrics to Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young” at the ceremony and mingled with guests.

Now, both Kate and Pippa selected a gorgeous garment. The wrap style of the dress makes it flattering for all body types — not that either of them need any help in that department! And they’ve both chosen shades that contrast nicely with their dark hair. While I prefer Kate’s locks without a fascinator, Pippa can’t really be penalized for wearing something that’s a wardrobe staple in her world. (Although she probably won’t be wearing many hats if rumors that she plans to move to New York City prove true.) The real tie-breaker then is that Kate made the dress memorable, so anyone else wearing it is going to seem as if they’re simply recreating a look that truly belongs to her. So I say Kate wins it. Do you agree?

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