Dusty Springfield Drama Set to Premiere at the L.A. Shorts Film Festival

Soul of Blue Eye Set in 1970, “The Soul of Blue Eye” tells the story of Dusty Springfield’s decision to record her Platinum selling hit Son of a Preacher Man for Atlantic Records, and the struggles she had as a white gay woman singing black soul music during the tumultuous 1960’s.

Besides having a hit show, “It Must Be Dusty” in England, Dusty was influential in the discovery of Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin, and produced dozens of Billboard top 100 hits in her career.

Written and Directed by Jesse Brunt, the film has put a lot of effort into the authenticity of the scenes as well as the tense interaction between Dusty and one particular interviewer who breaks an agreement, and demands to know about her sexual preferences.  “I wanted to tell part of the story about this amazing artist,” says Brunt, who also shot and edited much of the project.  “she created music that has sustained the test of time and she broke new ground for an entire genre which came to be known as Blue Eyed Soul.”

Producer Bob Bekian noted that the tag line, “You know my music, but you don’t know me” really gave insight into the story.  “She was an amazingly talented musical artist who had a genuine desire to help others –which is a refreshing story in today’s world of ‘everyone-out-for-themselves.'”

Producers Bekian and Brunt have a feature length script that they are looking to produce with Nicole Kidman as their first choice to play Dusty Springfield, and have made this short to give people a glimpse into the full story they hope to make.

LASHORTSFEST_Highres_Logo_jpg “The Soul of Blue Eye” stars Paige Segal as Dusty Springfield, and will be shown at the Laemmle NOHO 7 Theater in North Hollywood on Saturday, July 26th 2014 at 3:15pm.   For more information, email bob@loyalstudios.tv.

For more information about the festival, visit LA Shorts Fest

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Cate Blanchett Was “a Couple Sheets to the Wind” While Giving Her Golden Globes Acceptance Speech

Cate Blanchett, Golden Globes 2014, Winner Cate Blanchett did admit she had a “few vodkas under her belt” during her acceptance speech at the Golden Globes. But the Blue Jasmine star is revealing a bit more about her evening leading up to her winning moment.

“Unfortunately my category came up rather late in the evening so I was a couple of sheets to the wind,” the Aussie actress told The Telegraph with a laugh. “Once your name is read out it’s a high like no other so I can’t remember a lot. I hope I didn’t do too many things I’ll regret.”

This makes sense because this is the Golden Globes, the film-and-TV extravaganza where celebs are encouraged to drink (and in some cases can’t even be bothered to leave their liquor behind when they take the stage).

As for the award, the blond beauty dished “the Globe is in the hotel room and my sons made a little shrine for it with all the flowers that I have been receiving for the past week that are now dead.”

Blanchett is on a winning streak this awards season and raking up the accolades for her role in Woody Allen’s comedy-drama.

During her SAG Awards acceptance speech, Blanchett took the stage to start giving her thanks. However, she was only onstage for a few moments when the teleprompter let her know that didn’t have much time left.

Leo get Shark attacked!

leosharkLeonardo DiCaprio’s life isn’t always as glitzy and glamorous as his vacay pictures make it appear to be.

In fact, the Wolf of Wall Street star has had “a few” shark encounters—including one with a “gigantic great white” when he was almost eaten alive!

“I went scuba diving looking for sharks, and I had a huge fear of sharks,” he says on an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show airing Tuesday, Jan 7. “When I did Blood Diamond in 2006, I actually got stuck in a cage with a great white, which was awesome.”

“It was in the cage with me,” he adds. “They actually said in 30 years this is has never happened, but the tuna kind of got stuck in the top of the cage and the great white kept on and tried to bite it and went into the cage with me…and half of its body was in and out and I flattened down at the bottom.”

“It was this far away [shows small distance] and it chomped a few times, but I survived it,” he says, and thank goodness for that! You’d think  Jaws would cut the Titanic star some slack in the ocean of all places.

But nearly becoming fish food isn’t the only unglamorous part of the 39-year-old actor’s life! While filming an intricate Wolf of Wall Street scene with Jonah Hill, crewmembers “couldn’t get this ham to stick on my face,” so they covered it with K-Y Jelly!

“There’s literally a guy there behind this giant window with a plastic spoon just flicking ham on my face all day long as I’m doing this insane sequence,” he recalls “But it was almost, it was one of the most surreal things I’ve ever done in my entire career.”

Jane Kean, ‘Honeymooners’ Star, Dead at 90

7th Annual Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival Premiere Of "Tony Curtis: Driven To Stardom"Actress, singer and comedienne, Jane Kean, died last Tuesday,

She died at the Providence St. Joseph Medical Center in Burbank where she was taken to the hospital after a fall led to a hemorrhagic stroke.

The actress is best remembered for starring with Jackie Gleason in his 1970s revival of “The Honeymooners” and later TV movies. She played Trixie Norton, wife to Art Carney’s Ed Norton.

An accomplished singer, Kean first met Gleason while performing Vaudeville in the 1940s.

Her television credits also include several guest-starring roles on “Dallas,” “General Hospital,” “Dream On,” “Growing Pains” and “Scarecrow and Mrs. King.”

At 16, Kean performed on Broadway in “Early to Bed.” She would then move to Los Angeles where she appeared in several MGM movies and later formed a comedy duo with sister, Betty, during a time when all-female comedy teams were rare.

In 2012, Kean performed a one-woman show, which served as a retrospective of her work.

She is survived by a stepson from her second marriage, Joseph Hecht Jr., and his family, as well as her niece, Deirdre Wolpert, her husband and two children.

Her sister, Betty, died in 1986. Her second husband and manager, Joe Hecht, died in 2006.

‘Hunger Games’ Propels Fandango to Biggest Selling Month of All Time

hungergames“The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” and “Thor: The Dark World” pushed Fandango to new records in November. The company reports that it has sold the most tickets in a single month in its 13 year history.

Fandango declined to say how many tickets it had sold, but did say it was a 12 percent bump from its previous record-breaking month, which came in November of 2012 – a period that saw the release of hit films like “Skyfall” and “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2.” The Thanksgiving period is traditionally one of the busiest moviegoing times in the United States.

The ticketer surpassed its benchmark with two days remaining in the month of November. Other strong box officer performers this month include “Frozen” and “The Best Man Holiday.”

Fandango reports that 42 percent of its ticket sales came from its mobile site and apps, a 30 percent increase in mobile ticket sales year-over-year.

“Our best-selling month is a significant milestone for our company, and we anticipate the holiday season will keep the momentum going with such highly-anticipated films as ‘The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug,’ ‘Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues,’ ‘American Hustle’ and many other titles,” Fandango President Paul Yanover said in a statement.

Muppets Holiday Special: Watch Lady Gaga and RuPaul Duet

It’s not easy bringing back disco

What’s sometimes missing from a modern Muppets special is a sense of the 70s. One of the joys of rewatching the original “Muppet Show” is seeing shaggy-haired ’70s superstars like Mark Hamill and John Denver earnestly mixing it up with Muppets in fully polyester regalia.

Lady Gaga did her best to capture disco decade nostalgia with her RuPaul duet on Thursday’s “Lady Gaga and the Muppets Holiday Spectacular.” The song was “Fashion,” a very 70s concept, the beat was Chic, the color scheme appropriately garish.

Liam Hemsworth Visits Teens at Twilight-Topping Charity Screening of Catching Fire

liamAs if we needed another reason to swoon over Liam Hemsworth.

The handsome Hunger Games star attended the Catching Fire premiere at the Regal Pinnacle 18 Cinema in Knoxville, Tenn., on Tuesday to pay a visit to a few teens with special needs who are part of Variety—The Children’s Charity of East Tennessee.

But not only did Hemsworth bring smiles to many faces, he, along with director Francis Lawrence, helped raise over $500,000 for a good cause.

“The benefit premiere helped raise a record-breaking $558,000. It beat the former record that Twilight premiere raised of $470,000 when Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewartattended in 2009,” Carol Fusco, executive director of the charity, tells E! News, adding that the majority of the money was raised through corporate sponsorships.

“The funds will go to agencies in East Tennessee such as the Boys and Girls Clubs, Second Harvest food bank, and Emerald Youth Foundation Just Lead program and to purchase mobility equipment for special needs kids. It all goes to at risk children and children with special needs,” Fusco said.

Two special needs children got to meet Hemsworth on Tuesday night—Lauren Rosasco, 15, who is a paraplegic, and Fanny Blevins, 19, who is developmentally delayed. Blevins was the inspiration behind creating Variety.

Dusty Springfield Drama Set to Premiere at the L.A. Shorts Film Festival

Set in 1970, “The Soul of Blue Eye” tells the story of Dusty Springfield’s decision to record her Platinum selling hit Son of a Preacher Man for Atlantic Records, and the struggles she had as a white gay woman singing black soul music during the tumultuous 1960’s. Besides having a hit show, “It Must Be Dusty” in […]

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