Erin Andrews’ Royal Aspirations: My Style Is “Very Kate Middleton”

Erin Andrews channels Kate Middleton

Erin Andrews channels Kate Middleton

Erin Andrews has a definite style icon in mind when she hits the sidelines.

Talking to USA Today, the Fox Sports reporter revealed that she and her stylist have settled on a “preppy…very Kate Middleton look” when it comes to getting her dressed for game time.

“Men are watching me,” Andrews, 35, explained. “I have to be careful that it’s not too provocative, not too sexy, but also something a typical sports fan can relate to. If it’s too high fashion, my demographic won’t get that.”

Well, considering no one rocks skinny jeans, boots, winter coats and hats like the Duchess of Cambridge, we don’t blame the blond beauty and stylist Lee Harris from aiming royally high.

And apparently their fashionable M.O. is working out so well, men are now asking Andrews where she got her clothes!

“I want to be comfortable,” she added. “Tory Burch has these awesome riding boots and they hit you right below the knee and they’re flat. I wore those all throughout the World Series…Even the baseball players and coaches, they’d be like, ‘Nice boots!'”

Andrews told the paper that she digs Citizens of Humanity jeans, “really cute sweaters” from J. Crew and an equestrian-style Ralph Lauren blazer with elbow patches that she recently acquired.

Also like Prince William’s wife (and British fashionistas in general), Andrews loves wearing hats—though they’re also essential when she’s doing on-field interviews in the dead of winter. rs_634x1024-131119152508-634.erin-andrews-kate-middleton-style-111913

“It doesn’t matter how messed up your hair gets,” she said. “I think the most important thing for me, I don’t like to be cold. Those are long days in your seat and outside tailgating. I don’t want to be cold at all.”

But what we’d really like to know is, do she and Kate also share the same approach when it comes to keeping warm everywhere else?

“Thermal underwear is my favorite,” Andrews revealed. “I can throw them on under skinny jeans. A lot of the thermal underwear out there is very close to your body. I’m big into layers.”


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