Cara Delevingne unveils her XII tattoo during playful shoot in New York after ‘defying her modelling agency by getting two new inkings’

Cara Delevingne showed off her new tattoos during a shoot in New York on Monday

Cara Delevingne showed off her new tattoos during a shoot in New York on Monday

She might be one of the hottest models of the moment, but Cara Delevingne has found herself in her modelling agency’s bad books of late – thanks to her penchant for getting new tattoos.

Clearly feeling nervous about Storm’s reactions to revelations that she has had two new tattoos, Cara was seen keeping herself hidden behind an American football helmet as she took part in a shoot in New York on Monday.

Cara displayed the new inking on her chest as she wore a cut-out orange dress while she was shot for DKNY.

In addition to the several other designs Cara already has inked on her body, the Burberry model has added to her collection two new inkings.

Brazilian tattoo artist Daniel Tucci is quoted as telling a Yahoo omg! source: ‘I drew a Number 12 in black Roman numerals about five centimetres big on her. She told me that 12 is her lucky number and that’s her lucky place, below her breast.

‘The second tattoo Cara had done is the Southern Cross, a constellation made of five stars, which is one of the symbols of Brazil. ‘It’s a cross made with stars around her ear, one star on the top of the ear, one behind, one on the back, one below and one on the tragus, like a circle around her ear.’ The tattooist also added that despite Storm already reportedly having voiced their disapproval of Cara’s growing collection, the feisty young star has no intention of stopping.  He said: ‘I have a photo of it but she asked me not to post it on Instagram before she posts it, she wants to make a surprise of it.

It remains to be seen if Cara’s growing numbr of tattoos will affect her modelling career, but he star is also said to be keen to break into the acting world as well.

Cara was recently reported to have landed a role in a new film called The Face of an Angel – about Amanda Knox.

It is believed Cara won’t play the lead role of Amanda – who was later set free after her murder conviction for killing student Meredith Kercher was overturned in 2011 – but will play a major role alongside Colin Firth, who is also tipped to star.


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