James Franco, Best Supporting Actor? ‘Spring Breakers’ May Get Oscar Qualifying Run In December

James Franco Spring Breakers

Actor James Franco speaks onstage at the “Spring Breakers” press conference during the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival

Spring break forever, even in December. According to Showbiz 411 guru Roger Friedman, Harmony Korine’s “Spring Breakers” may get an end-of-year releaseto qualify the film and co-star James Franco for the 85th annual Academy Awards.

“Spring Breakers” debuted at the Venice Film Festival earlier this year before making waves at the Toronto International Film Festival. The consensus among critics was that the film is bonkers, with special praise being bestowed upon Franco for his over-the-top performance as a cornrows-wearing drug dealer named Alien. Noted Vulture’s Kyle Buchanan when the film screened in Toronto:

What Matthew McConaughey did for “Magic Mike,” Franco does for “Spring Breakers”: Each pushes their star power past parody as the debauched MC holding court over a motley crew of hard-bodied, in-too-deep young ones.

Per HuffPost Entertainment sister site Moviefone, Franco says some of the following lines in “Spring Breakers”:

“I straight hustle! I am a hustler.”

“Look at my shit! I am a f-ckin’ nightmare in this motherf-cker. I am the f-ckin’ Death Star!”

All of which is to say, Franco’s work in “Spring Breakers” is the type of brassy supporting performance that could get Academy notice. Unless, of course, McConaughey retains his summertime status as an Oscar contender for his aforementioned and similar work in “Magic Mike.” Other actors thought to be in contention for Best Supporting Actor include Philip Seymour Hoffman (“The Master”), Tommy Lee Jones (“Lincoln”), Robert De Niro (“Silver Linings Playbook”), Alan Arkin (“Argo”), John Goodman (“Argo”), William H. Macy (“The Sessions”) and perhaps Leonardo DiCaprio (“Django Unchained”) and Russell Crowe (“Les Miserables”), so the category is not without possibilities.

SOURCE: The Huffington Post

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