Lindsay Lohan: Mom Dina Lohan Talks LiLo Police Fiasco, Regrets Pushing Her to Become a Child Star

Dina Lohan and Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan and her mom, Dina Lohan

Heard anything about Lindsay Lohan lately? Anything?

Mom Dina Lohan certainly has, and she’s sounding off about her embattled daughter’s seemingly never-ending barrage of police run-ins and headline-grabbing antics, which now includes accusations that LiLo swiped a bystander with her car Wednesday in New York and fled the scene.

“I’m certainly not making excuses for Lindsay’s behavior,” Dina told the New York Daily News Friday. “But she’s a 26-year-old woman.”

The controversial mom also second-guessed her decision to push LiLo into showbiz at such a young age, which found the precocious and talented star scoring a slew of ads and top billing in flicks like The Parent Trap before she was even a teenager.

“I was born into the business,” Dina says. “My mother was an entertainer. It was natural. But yes, in the next life, I might not do it.”

Dina is herself no stranger to bonkers antics of her own, most recently raising eyebrows for her kooky interview with Dr. Phil that left the unflappable host stumped.

Oh yeah, there are also her notorious clubbing sprees with LiLo, which unleashed upon the world one of the most traumatizing open-mouthed smackeroos between a mom and daughter ever to assault the eyes of innocent readers everywhere.

But those clubbing days, Dina says, are over.

“I don’t party with Lindsay,” she now insists. “In the early years, I would go with her to clubs, because I wanted to see who the enablers were.”

Oh, those good ol’ early years. When it comes to LiLo, that’s—literally—all relative.


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