Look out, Prince Harry, photo ban broken, more may emerge

Prince Harry

Prince Harry at a pool party in Las Vegas, naked photos leak online

Well, that didn’t take long: The Prince Harry-naked-in-Vegas photos that had not been published in the U.K. (but were available to anyone in the world with an Internet connection), are front-page today in the nation’s best-selling tabloid paper, The Sun.

The red-faced, red-haired prince can thank Rupert Murdoch, whose News Corp media empire owns The Sun (and whose reporters have been accused of hacking the phone of royals in the past). The tabloid justified publication, under the headline “Heir It Is!”, as in the public interest because Harry represents the queen abroad even when he’s on a private visit.

The cellphone snaps of Harry, 27, naked in a hotel room filled with naked people were first published by TMZ in the USA this week, but the media in the U.K. were asked not to publish or show them so as not to invade Harry’s privacy.

All of them complied. For one day. There’s no explicit First Amendment in the U.K. so the government or the royal family can exert pressure on the media that would not be possible in the USA.

Meanwhile, The Associated Press is reporting there may be more pictures of Harry’s nude frolicking out there. Top publicist Max Clifford said he was contacted by two American women who claimed they were in the room and offered more pictures and even video. Clifford said no, calling it an infringement of Harry’s privacy, however shattered it may be.

The debate in London now centers on whether the pictures threaten Harry’s future ability to represent the queen and Britain. Despite his past reputation as a “party prince,” Harry won widespread praise this year for his military heroics, his wildly successful Diamond Jubilee tour, his charity work and his role as an Olympic ambassador.

Or the whole thing could just blow over. After all, they can hardly fire the queen’s grandson, third in line to the throne.


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    The Sun say they printed the pics out of public interest. Not to profit from cheap scandal and titillation then.

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